Thursday, 19 May 2011


To be a successful professional wedding photographer you should know business management, advertising, web development, computer technology, art and photography. Good luck!

Ask what type of wedding photos are required.

Traditional - posed photos looking at the camera.

Modern - reportage, photojournalist, documentary, tell a story, candid (fly on the wall).

Or a mix of both.

Go online and search for photos of the venue for ideas.

Visit the venue in advance.

When visiting the wedding venue take photos to add to the ones on the day.

Ask around to find out what are the most popular places to have photos taken.

Check out the direction of the sunlight.

Have a plan if the weather is bad. It may change later in the day for outdoor shots. Shoot more indoors at the service or reception, stairs, corridors, entrance of the buildings (bring a umbrella), in the car, or offer to shoot another day free of charge.

Get as many vital peoples phone numbers to help if someone is missing for a group shot.

Make a list so you don't forget anything on the day.

At the house. Close ups of dress(lace/stitching detail), shoes, garter, flowers.

Arriving at the service. Guests. The couple.

At the service.

After the service.

Bride and Groom

Bride and Bridesmaids

Groom & Groomsmen

Wedding Party

Family Members

Outside. Reception.

Wedding Breakfast Reception before the guests arrive.

The favours.

Cutting the cake.

Throwing of the bouquet.

First dance.

Position yourself facing the guests. A slow shutter speed, 1/2 second, a steady camera, and keep shooting. Hopefully you will get the couple illuminated by the guests camera flashes.

Groups. By taking more than one image at a time, if someone blinks or looks not quite right then swap their eyes, face or head from another image on the PC.

Guests - couples, groups, talking, smiling, laughing & dancing.

When shooting small children, get down to their level.

Make sue you shoot everyone. I like to shoot them with my Canon!
Go with any last minute changes and keep cool.