Saturday, 4 August 2012


For night photography you may need a long exposure, so you will need a tripod or solid surface.

If your camera is small, light or well balanced you can use a small pocket tripod.

It can be carried about with you all the time, unlike a full height tripod that can easily be left at home or in the car.

Just place the tripod on a wall.

On the ground for a interesting pov (most pictures are taken at eye level).

But remember to switch off the IS.

You can visit the pound shop for a tripod, but I like to splash the cash spend nearly twice as much and get one without the ball and socket which works with a DSLR.

Use your screen not eyepeice to compose the picture.

Set the timer for a 2 second delay.

If you are not working with street lights then a exposure of several minutes or even hours will be required to record the image by moon or star light.