Wednesday, 1 February 2012


A photograph can be a piece of art, painted not with oil or water colours but with light.

A professional photographer will need to take photographs that sell. An amateur can please their creative wants.

These 3 images were inspired by David Hockney's Joiners back in the 80's but instead of using post card size prints to fill a wall these are done with a contact sheet and put on A4 card. The idea is to create a sense of time.

Sea, streams & waterfalls. Create a moody atmospheric picture where water is moving by slowing down the shutter speed.

Be creative by setting the camera on a tripod and combining (PC) images of the same subject but with a different lighting set ups.

At night a slow shutter speed can record car tail lights as painted red lines. Make sure the camera is on a tripod or solid surface.

Water is great for reflections, not just mirror calm lakes or seas but rain water puddles and wet surfaces.

Shiny, highly polished cars can also be can also be great for reflections.

Study all photos in magazines, books & the internet. Ask yourself how did they do it, can I do that, can I do it better?

Toy Town. Popular at the moment. Make the image look like a model. High vantage point, not too many people, blur all but one small area, increase colour saturation to make it less like real life.